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When booking online at Genbook, pay careful attention to which location you are booking at.

Book online using Genbook by clicking the Book Now button:

For Eastside or Greenfield location:

Check out reviews from clients for the Eastside and Greenfield locations:

Call for Eastside and Greenfield locations:

If you purchase a massage or package here online, please email Jane at, so that she can note it in your file, and it'll be waiting for you when you arrive at your next appointment, once it is confirmed. Please only purchase massages here online for Greenfield and Eastside locations.

New client special: $25 off One Hour 4-pack.

Total savings of $100!
You must purchase within 48 hours of your first massage or last massage of your current package to get this special for only $200. Packages ONLY good at Eastside and Greenfield locations!

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